Seawall Improvement Project

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Seawall Improvements Project: Amenities for All!

  • The $4,898,458 project is funded from two Federal Transit Administration grants: Bus Livability Program and Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Program as well as just under $500,000 in City funds.
  • As a transit program, the improvements are organized around new bus service, the Seawall Shuttle Route - new bus stops will be designated along Seawall Boulevard at 16 intersections between 4th and 81st.
  • Most of the bus stops are at signalized intersections for pedestrian safety in crossing the street. Each intersection has corresponding stops on the north (westbound) and south (eastbound) sides of the street. All but two of the stops will be designated by a bus shelter and transit sign. Two of the stops on the south side (21st and 23rd) will only have a sign because of the lack of space for a shelter.
  • Bus stops on the north side of the street will have bus shelters only. Along the south side of the street additional amenities will be provided at seven locations (referred to as nodes in the plans).
  • Five locations (61st, 53rd, 45th, 29th, 19th) will have permanent prefabricated restrooms connected to city water and sewer systems. Each will have self-contained solar lighting.
  • Four locations (81st, 61st, 53rd, 33rd) will have landscape planters with palm trees, ground cover and irrigation. These are intended to be focal points driving along the boulevard as well as visible approaching southbound from the indicated streets.
  • Bicycle racks will be installed at 28 locations.
  • Solar lighted gateway markers (similar to those at Hampton Battery) will be installed at nine locations. These are intended to give visitors a visual and informational sense of identity at various key sections along Seawall.
  • Design features and street furniture (benches for example) will mirror those installed in Phase 1 at Hampton Battery of Fort Crockett Park, adapted to the individual new nodes. Similar pavers will be installed near each bus stop.
  • Hard wired pedestrian lighting will be installed along the curb line between 29th and 19th streets to illuminate the south side sidewalk in a controlled manner. Solar lights for the shelters, restrooms, and gateway markers will be self-contained within the structure.
  • All improvements will be operated and maintained using funds generated by parking fees collected along Seawall Boulevard.
  • The Park Board will assist with providing map/kiosk signs at several of the major nodes.
  • The new bus service will begin as soon as improvements are completed at all bus stops.

May 4, 2016 Update:

  •  Groundbreaking ceremony at 45th and Seawall 
  • General Contractor Services, Inc., the selected contractor, is anticipated to mobilize within the next few weeks
  • Markings have been painted to identify the locations of transportation shelters and the "Portland Loo" restroom facilities
  • Contractors will begin on the west end of the Seawall and work Eastward; restroom facilities will be installed first followed by transportation shelters, bollards, lighting, and landscaping

July 2015 Update:

  • The Mayor, City Staff, County Staff, and The Goodman Corporation met with the Deputy District Engineer of the US Corps of Engineers.
  • Discussions concentrated on a completion date of the Corps review of the Seawall Improvement program which was submitted in January of this year and is one of the last hurdles in moving forward with the project.
  • Once the Corps of Engineers completes their review and provides their response to the City, the formal construction bids can be advertised and then be awarded by the Galveston City Council.