Hurricane Evacuation

  1. Preparing to Evacuate
  2. Along the Way
  3. Fuel
  4. Where to Go
  5. Shelters
  6. Key Telephone Numbers
  • Find out if your home is in an evacuation zone by viewing evacuation zone maps or by calling 2-1-1 and speaking with an operator.
  • If you live along the coast, keep your gas tank full and have a family plan.
  • Ensure your vehicle is ready for the trip and you have packed your emergency kit.
  • Know your evacuation routes and take a map with you.
  • Your mayor or county judge will make the call for your jurisdiction to evacuate.
  • Local officials will stagger the evacuation to keep traffic moving. Wait your turn to leave.
  • Secure your home before leaving. Take your pets with you.

Galveston Is Included In Zip Zone Coastal

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