1. Pay Scale & Benefits
  2. Hiring Process
  3. Physical Ability Test

Pay Scale

Salaries are based on a multiyear step program with annual increases topping out at $97,322.85 for Senior Officer Pay. Officers with prior law enforcement experience may be eligible for up to $87,247.70 (Police Officer V Pay) depending on prior years of service.

View the full list of police salaries (PDF).


Insurance and Sick Leave
The City of Galveston’s standard benefits package includes pension, life, dental insurance, vision insurance, and health insurance coverage. Supplemental insurance is also available.

Education Incentives

Officers receive financial incentives for continuing education at the following levels: 

Associate Degree – $900.00 Annually

Bachelor Degree – $2,400.00 Annually

Master Degree - $3,000.00 Annually 


Intermediate Certificate from TCOLE – $1,200.00 Annually

Advanced Certificate from TCOLE - $2,004.00 Annually

Masters Certificate from TCOLE - $2,496.00 Annually

Uniform Reimbursement

All uniforms and equipment are provided to new Police Officers upon hire. Thereafter, Officers receive $1,250.00 per year in equipment/uniform allowance.

Shift Differential Pay
Night Watch. Employees in the Patrol Division assigned to Night Watch are eligible to receive $2004.00 Annually.

Bilingual Pay

Officers who qualify pursuant to City policy for bi-lingual pay shall receive $900.00 annually

Paid Vacation
0-4 Years of Service – 10 days per year
5-14 Years of Service – 15 days per year
14+ Years of Service – 20 days per year