Master-planned communities

What is a master-planned community?

The Galveston City Council in August approved an amendment to city code addressing master-planned communities.


Definition: As used herein, the following terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section: Master Planned Community: means a platted, residential subdivision that is subject to: 

i. Recorded deed restrictions; and 

ii. Mandatory membership in a property owner' s association, aka Homeowners Association ( HOA), that: a. has authority to impose regular or special assessments on the propel. in the subdivision, b. holds title to and maintains common area improvements, c. requires mandatory annual fees or dues from the individual unit holders membership,) in the property owner' s association, 

iii. provides a minimum of non-residential, common areas and/ or amenities originally platted on the development site, such as those contained herein below. 

How to get a master-planned community designation in Galveston

Sec. 27- 2 - Master Planned Communities. 

a) To be designated as a Master Planned Community, the authorized representative of the property owner' s association, ( aka homeowner' s association), must fill out a Master Planned Community application form provided by the Department of Development Services. 

b) The application form to be designated as a Master Planned Community shall be reviewed by the Director of Development services or their designee. 

c) The application shall provide documentation to the Director of the Department of Development Services or Designee of the following:

a. Platted site development within one development showing the following; 

i. Development site size; and, 

ii. Two ( 2) or more platted non- residential common areas and/ or amenities, including but are not limited to the following:

1. Commercial Establishment; 

2. Community Recreational Center; 

3. Country Club; 

4. Community Pool; 

5. Golf Course; 

6. Nature Preserve; 

7. Nature Trail; 

8. Lake; 

9. Community Access Channel; 

10. Fishing Pier; 

11. Community Boat Launch; 

12. Community Playground;

13. Community Park; and, 

b. An affidavit from the authorized representative of the property owner' s association, aka homeowner' s association), affirming the following:

i. The property owner' s association is current and active; 

ii. The property owner' s association holds title to the common areas/ amenities in the platted residential subdivision; 

iii. The membership in the property owner' s association is mandatory for all owners of individual lots/ units; and, 

iv. The annual fees are mandatory for all owners of individual lots/ units. 

c.) The property owner' s association in a Master Planned Community shall function in accordance with Texas Property Code Chapter 209 ( and/ or as amended). 

d.) The Department of Development Services shall make available a list of designated Master Planned Communities on the City website within 30 days of review and approval of the application and documentation. 

e.) The status of a Master Planned Community is not in effect until approved and publication on the City website. 

f.) Two or more different developments may not combine together for the purpose of complying with the requirements herein.

Submitting an application to the City of Galveston

An application may be sent to the City of Galveston, Development Services Department. The application may be submitted electronically to or in hard copy. The mailing address is P.O. Box 779 Galveston, TX 77553.  The physical location is 3015 Market, Galveston, TX 77550. 

Approved master-planned communities

Isla del Sol8/20/2021
Sea Isle Property Owners8/20/2021
Evia Subdivision8/27/2021
Property Owners Assoc. of Pointe West8/27/2021
Bermuda Beach8/27/2021
Indian Beach Property Owners Assoc.8/27/2021
Spanish Grant Civic Assoc., Section 1 & 28/27/2021
Pointe San Luis Laguna & Playa Property Owners Assoc.8/27/2021
Terramar Beach Community Improvement Assoc. Inc.8/27/2021
Pirates Property Owners Assoc.8/27/2021
Beachside Village Homeowners Assoc. Inc.8/27/2021
Campeche Cove Homeowners Assoc.8/27/2021
Bay Harbor Improvement Assoc.9/3/2021
Sandhill Shores Property Owners Assoc. Inc.9/10/2021
Sunset Cove Home Owners Assoc.11/5/2021