35th Street

Work of the Contract is for pavement reconstruction, pavement striping, storm sewers, waterline upsizing, sanitary sewer upsizing, leads, manholes, inlets, and appurtenances throughout the project limits. The Contract Work includes, but is not limited to: removal and replacement of the existing concrete pavement, asphalt pavement, base material, concrete curb, sidewalks, and driveways; the removal, replacement, adjustment, or abandonment of storm sewer lines, leads, inlets, and manholes; the removal, replacement, adjustment or abandonment of water lines, valves, meters, and fire hydrants; upsizing of sanitary lines, steel casings and replacement of manholes, the removal and replacement of sod, pavement markings, and permanent signs; the placement and removal of traffic control, tree landscaping, and protection and erosion control devices.

Timeline for 35th Street